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About us

My Vintage Place was created to bring classy and feminine pieces to women's wardrobes while empowering them to express their own style. The vision of our founder & CEO, Aline Giampietro, is to bring affordable fashion to women across the world while inspiring them to feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin.


"My mission is to help other women feel good about themselves - both inside and out. Women are strong, passionate, sensitive and fearless. We know ourselves better than anyone else. I want to inspire other women to be their best advocate and to have the courage to express themselves through their femininity and personal style." - Aline Giampietro, CEO and Founder.


We are inspired by the beauty of mixing contemporary and vintage fashion to create a modern mix of the two. Vintage clothing are so unique and timeless. They give a flair of glamour and elegance to a woman's style. But it is also fun to break the rules in fashion by adding a modern touch and creating a fashion brand that beautifully speaks to the old and the new.