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Meet Our Founder

My Vintage Place was created with the vision of our Creative Director & Founder Aline Giampietro Trifonov to bring classy and feminine pieces to women's wardrobes while empowering them to express their own style. Originally from Fortaleza, Brazil she grew up being highly influenced by fashion and often questioned the high societal beauty standards placed on women's bodies. 

"I never felt comfortable with the way women spoke about their own bodies if they didn't fit within the "cultural norm" and the high value placed on how they measured up to other women. I think that is very wrong. As a former ballet dancer, I grew up seeing how this unhealthy body image pursuit affected girls' physical and mental health. It has taken me many years to liberate myself from this mentality and to come into a healing place. I want other women to feel the same way. You should love yourself, your body and create your own idea of fashion and body image that makes you happy. 

 Aline Giampietro, Founder & CEO


Formally trained as a ballet dancer and classical pianist, she learned to love art and appreciate all beauty from an early age. Her biggest fashion influences come from the golden era movies and musicals from the 1930s through the 1960s. Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth are just some of her favorite fashion and inspiration icons.

"I love all vintage things, not just fashion. The music, the art, the movies and musicals are all unique and a beautiful reflection of their time. Each era has something very special and glamourous. The beauty of vintage is you can pick what you like and make it your own. They are really no rules. My mission is to help other women feel good about themselves - both inside and out. Clothing is a big part of it. Women are strong, passionate, sensitive and fearless. We know ourselves better than anyone else. I want to inspire other women to be their best advocate and to have the courage to express themselves through their femininity and personal style."  Aline Giampietro. founder & CEO


At My Vintage Place, we are inspired by the beauty of mixing contemporary and vintage fashion to create a modern mix of the two. Vintage clothing are so unique and timeless. They give a flair of glamour and elegance to a woman's style. But it is also fun to break the rules in fashion by adding a modern touch and creating a fashion brand that beautifully speaks to the old and the new.