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May Edition 2020



Modern vintage is a fashion style that allows you to blend vintage wardrobe pieces with contemporary clothing items. You can mix and match bold prints, collared shirts, and high waist skirts and bottoms, and use lace and ruffles textures to achieve a super feminine and chic modern vintage look.

If you are just starting out and you don’t really know where to begin, then the best place to look in your own closet to assess what you already own. The trick is to look for high waist jeans, plain pencil skirts, cardigans, shawls, scarfs with polka dot and leopard patterns, button-ups blouses, and spaghetti strapped tops that have a contemporary feel to them, and mix with other items that have a vintage appeal. 

Still not sure how to pull off this style?


Fear not, fashion gal! Let us show you how to let your fabulous self shine with our May 2020 Modern Vintage Chic Styling Guide. 


Let's explore our favorite staff-pick May look!

This style is perfect if you want to compose a more professional office look. Take a plain pencil skirt a pair plain top, and a polka dot or a leopard print scarf and, voila! You can add some accessories like oversized sunglasses and a small clutch to the look.

vintage fashion


The key to this look is to find accessories that complement each other. Depending on the colors and the way you style your items, the red skirt will definitely be the more prevalent piece in your look. Feel free to play with other colors and develop the rest of the style composition around this gorgeous and elegant high waist skirt for this look!


One thing is important when creating a modern vintage chic look is to never, ever mix print patterns. For example, if you choose a leopard print scarf, you might want to accessorize it with solid color shoes and a solid color wallet or pick one item that has the same pattern of the leopard print scarf. 


If you look in the mirror and both items in your look are fighting for attention, pick the one you like the best, and go with a solid color for the other. If you are not sure, you can never go wrong when you choose black as a solid color for your accessories. When in doubt, keep it simple!


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - Leonardo da Vinci


You can stylize this look with either leopard print flats or black solid color flats. If you choose go with a more dressed up look, we advise choosing the Big Bow-Knot Leopard Printed Flat Casual Fashion Shoes as they add a flair of fun and boldness. If you prefer to have a more reserved look, but wants to maintain a fun and classy look, pick the black solid color instead.



Another alternative to this look is styling with our New Casual Vintage Ballet Ladies Shoes. These flats are perfect if you want a more casual and comfortable day-to-day look. 

New Casual Vintage Ballet Ladies Shoes


For the top, you can wear a simple neutral color sweater if you are still enjoying the cooler days of Spring or a light weight fabric top. Go for a neutral colors like gray or blacK that complements the other parts of your look and accentuates the red in the skirt. 


Lastly but not least, you can finish the look with a super cute handheld wallet! Our Classy Every Day Ladies Wallet with Cellphone Pocket is practical and great for this look. 


Classy Every Day Ladies Wallet with Cellphone Pocket 


Just remember this: Do what makes you feel good about yourself, what makes you happy, and makes you feel fabulous! Don't be afraid of experimenting with your style as you are expressing who you are to the world. 



Take a look at our specialized collections of fashion dresses, fashion shoes, corsets, and vintage glasses to find out more and how you can welcome and embrace modern vintage fashion into your style and wardrobe! 



Be inspired and look fabulous!

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