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What is Modern Vintage Fashion?

Shopping for vintage clothes can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. From professional to amateurs fashionistas, they all agree to the benefits of shopping vintage such as owning a piece of history and supporting local shops, and the local economy.


However, shopping for authentic vintage has its drawbacks as well. First, to find your perfect dream piece, you have to scan through piles of not-so-cute garments. Even if you do find the perfect piece, you still might have trouble finding your correct size. If neither of these two scenarios is fulfilled, then you might have to leave the thrift shop empty-handed. The other drawback is the high price of authentic vintage clothes, and if you are in a shopping budget, that might not be an option.


Meet modern vintage fashion! This is a great alternative to give your wardrobe a contemporary twist and spare you from the emptied-handed shopping experience while still enjoying the benefits of vintage shopping. That's where vintage reproduction retailers such as us at My Vintage Place are able to step in and offer you authentic vintage fashion with a modern flair and twist. And the best part? You can do that without breaking the bank!

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What Are the Benefits of Modern Vintage?

One of the disadvantages of shopping at thrift shops is the fact that we might not know how long the clothes will last. Knowing that your vintage clothes were manufactured by high-quality modern machinery, you can expect a much lasting fashion wardrobe. Also, you will have the advantage of finding the piece you love in your size without doing alterations. That's the beauty of modern vintage!

Vintage fashion is our passion and we are totally dedicated to bringing your high-quality vintage clothing with the same look and flair as authentic vintage clothes. Also, our My Vintage Place lovely gals can enjoy them at a much affordable price! That's a win-win!

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Why Has Modern Vintage Fashion Become So Popular?

By adopting modern vintage fashion in your wardrobe, you will never have to deal with the problems we talked about earlier. Instead, you can spend your time, energy, and effort in piecing together the perfect modern vintage look! The best part if that modern vintage is not just a passing trend, so you can develop your style with beauty, elegance, and confidence that it will last.

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All the while vintage clothing collectors are spending their time, energy, and efforts to find authentic pieces, modern vintage retailers such as ourselves at My Vintage Place is able to provide our lovely clients creative options to their modern vintage tastes with class and uniqueness. We are creating something new out of the old, therefore paving the way to further vintage fashion around the world.

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Where Can I Find More Modern Vintage Fashion?

Take a look at our specialized collections of fashion dresses, fashion shoes, corsets, and vintage glasses to find out more and how you can welcome and embrace modern vintage fashion into your style and wardrobe!